Quarterly Review: Q1 2018 - Emergence

This update was a bit later than I would have liked. This was both strategy and a complete brain fart. Enjoy.

The first three months of this year have been eye-opening. I believe that every move forward requires a degree of reflection, and winter is a traditionally reflection-laden time for me. It is when I am most often presented with personal challenges, with the things (inner & outer) that limit my forward progress.

The Biz

The Q1 phase was placed on hold in order to deal with health issues for both myself and my family. I look forward to resuming my work in the 2nd quarter, so stay tuned!


This is the area that has seen the most movement, even when it was mostly internal. Coming home is possible, despite what Thomas Wolfe may say. The thing is, you pay for it dearly. I've spent a lot of time reviewing how I have grown in the last 20 years, how I still grow, and having shown to me daily that we can never stop working on our selves.

In addition, I've been assisting with family injuries, an experience for which I was frankly unprepared, and am not terribly comfortable speaking on. If you've been there, you get it.


Winter has always been the hardest part of living in the Midwest for me. It's not just the weather, or the SAD (which seems to pervade everyone's life for no less than three months out of the year). It's the relentless bouts of illness. Winters see me getting sick rarely less than five times in a four month period, and it's worse when I'm in the Midwest. True to form, I've been hit with some nasty infections this year, a sure sign that I am officially back in the neighborhood (that and the worst winter to hit the area in five or more years). The Midwest and I have a complicated relationship.

This proof that I have not grown out of such bouts, but had only staved them off by relocating to another part of the country, was a revelation that I could no longer ignore. Some testing has been done, and while it provided no definitive answers, it has ruled out some things, and I take that as a win. In the meantime, I decided at the beginning of the year to focus on my health, and I'm making good. I've started working out with my best friend, and renewing my meditation practice, self-care, and focusing exercises.


I have been reading a lot of articles and books in the last 5 years about autism, disability, and advocacy. I have been inspired to work on my story and my experiences as an autistic person. For now, that starts with a blog: Changeling: The Ongoing Journey of an Aspie. Stay tuned for more on that.

Tiny House

I'm currently consolidating the various tidbits I've found as inspiration for tiny house living. Once I've finish that, the real research can begin.


The majority of my writing has happened in my new job, which I love. The company is big on work-life balance, and the consistency is making me a better writer. I haven't had much time outside of that to work on my other blogs, but am prepping to ramp that up.

Tricky Fish Photography


I did a photo shoot of my best friend's artwork so she can get prints made. I highly recommend checking out Heather Tomasello Art.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this quarter has been a revelatory experience, filled with moments of clarity, and dark nights of the soul. It's quite often been painful, yet with any experience, I refuse to regret. I believe, and always have, that regret is useless. Worse, it keeps us from learning, from appreciating who we have become, from being out truest selves.

So bring on Q2, with all its challenges, victories, and foibles.


Plots & Schemes for 2018:


I have a ton more blog posts for Ransomed Roads, Changeling Ashes, and System Andromeda coming in 2018, so stay tuned.

Tricky Fish Photography

I am in the process of building my website for Tricky Fish Photography, and will be getting photos up for sale on the likes of RedBubble, Society6, and Zazzle.

Arcadian Gypsy

I am working on a possible move to a new platform. In the meantime, AG will be put on hold until the fall.


Check out Changeling. It's my Autism advocacy blog, and a fulfilling new project. April looks to be promising.

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