Monthly Review: January 2018

It is a new year, and I'm beginning a new update system for all of my projects, beginning with the new year post I did at the beginning of this year. So here is January!

Life & The Biz

The big life event of January was a family emergency that resulted in a lot of my resources going elsewhere. My grandmother has been recuperating from a broken bone in the hip area, and I will be assisting my mother in her rehabilitation once she is home. Alongside fighting off the sinus infection that ushered me into the new year, I am experiencing migraines, etc. It will all mean taking a slower path with my projects. Basic business minutiae are currently on hiatus while I attend to family matters. There's been very little social media this month, due to the new job (see below). I'm prepping posts of all kinds for March, though, so, as always, stay tuned. I've begun my project book for my tiny house, and will be updating throughout the year, so I'm excited about that.