2018 Yearly Review: Praxis & Catharsis Are Back in Style

Happy New Year!

2019 looks promising and I am excited to see what it brings! In this post, I'll be doing my year review of 2018, a preview of what's coming this year, and looking back to the early days of System Andromeda. I did an in-depth video post for the four different sections of this review on Patreon. If you don't know what that is, check out my Patreon page here. Check after each section for a link to each part's video.


10 Years and Counting...

December 2009 marked my first post on this blog. It was my official introduction to the world as System Andromeda, though, at the time, I called this blog Praxis & the Catharsis Impulse. So what is Praxis & the Catharsis Impulse?

  • Praxis - putting philosophy into action; in my case, it was putting into action the idea that I could have the life that I wanted without having to be a slave to traditional methods.
  • Catharsis - strong release of emotions; The Catharsis Impulse, therefore, is the need to experience this release. In other words, I wanted to share the highs and lows of this process.

It was a nod to the idea that I needed to take action on all the many projects and share my process. What started as a catchall for my favorite passions has become so much more, and I felt that should be celebrated. Happy Anniversary!

Link to Introduction video

Back to the present, but before I talk about 2019, I'm going to take a look at 2018. I felt the need to bring these concepts back around full circle as I talk about my yearly review. So what has the last year brought me? Well, for one thing, there's been a lot of movement...

Praxis 2018

"Movement" was my theme for 2018. I wanted to set an intention of seeing more movement in my life. That could take the form of dance, or seeing forward movement in my projects. I wanted movement, and movement I got. Last year resulted in a lot of new things prepped for the future, and it was quite an achievement to get this far. Here are a few highlights (watch the video to get a little more info):

Q1 - Family and Personal Growth

This period was filled with personal concerns, mostly. I acted as caretaker for a couple of relatives this year, mostly during the 1st quarter. The rest of the time was mostly spent on writing.
  • I obtained a position with an online marketing company as a blog writer. This position gave me quite a bit of new experience to use with all my other writings. I was so thankful for this time.
  • I continued work on my four blogs, including prepping for Autism Acceptance Month on Changeling: The Ongoing Journey of an Aspie

Q2 - Social

The spring saw a lot of social events and social media marketing. Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • Began at a new gym, because fitness.
  • Plays, weddings, art events
  • Local photo shoots - mostly impromptu.
  • Writing
  • Participated in movement study.
  • Creative Time
    • 3 paintings for Totems show (debuted in July)
    • Comic Con
      • 2 video shoots
      • Domino cosplay

Q3 - Work Work Work

This month was all about output. In particular, I did two major launches after debuting three new paintings in the Totems show. Sadly, I had to put blog posting mostly on ice for the time being, and I wasn't able to get back to it.
  • Tricky Fish Photography website - I'd been waiting years to get this one done, so I was thrilled to finally bring that one to fruition.
  • Patreon - I got my Patreon page up and running this year, a real game changer! Join me there (if you haven't already) and see what all the fuss is about!

Q4 - Arcadian Gypsy & Wrapping up the Year

I don't know if it's poetic or simply appropriate that the year ended in a similar fashion to the beginning. There was a lot of time spent with the fam and quite a bit of reflection in the mix. Mostly, though, I worked on sales for the Arcadian Gypsy. Along with the launch of many new products, there was a big focus on social media marketing. I also got to do a little experimentation with essential oils. You can see more in the video.

Link to Praxis video

Catharsis 2018: What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?

Reflection is a huge thing for me. However, reflection is useless if you don't absorb and integrate the information. This is a tough place for a lot of entrepreneurs to be, especially in a culture that worships the highs of an enterprise, and shuns the lows. It would be disingenuous not to share a balanced view of what has happened in the last year. ....So, here it is. For better and worse, here is the story of the last year.

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?

Link to Catharsis video

2019: Second Star to the Right

This year is going to go fast. Know how I can tell? Because it always does. I know. Not terribly profound. But sooner than we know, I'll be doing another year's review on here. So what will it be about? Well, it's always open to change, but here are my main foci as I see it right now:
  • Photography - I have so many projects in mind for this year, I'm practically vibrating in anticipation. Just a few hints:
    • Spherical photography
    • Ransomed Roads series, including a new "local" feature and extended travel stories
    • Kaleidoscopic art
  • Writing - There'll be plenty of new series to play with as I get back to my blogs this year, and I'm hoping to start a new facet of my writing career. Some goals:
    • Proofreading assignments - this is the next natural progression of my writing-for-hire path. Wish me luck!
    • Ransomed Roads - I have a new "local" series called "Compass Culture" coming soon, as well as more of series like "Vegas, Baby" and "Summer of Color".
    • The Lost Title Cards - I'm starting the year off with an M. Night Shyamalan series, and will be going from there.
  • Tiny House - It's here, finally. I begin the major plans for making this happen. I don't know when I'll finish, but - fingers crossed - I will have a concrete plan in place by spring. In other words...
    • Plan Plan Plan
    • Build Build Build
To find out more about what's coming in 2019, check out the video!

Link to 2019 video

And that, dear Reader, is it. What have you got planned for the year? Drop a comment below to share some of your triumphs, travails, and what you have planned for the new year! Let's make it epic.

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