Freedom Fridays: An Introduction

Okay. "Freedom."

We throw the word around every day. We read about it in history books. We hear it used in politics and foreign policy. We debate and philosophize it until we're sick to death of it, and, more often than not, we can't tell what it really means. There doesn't seem to be one universal definition for the word. So, the question remains...

What does freedom mean to you?

I've been exploring this concept in-depth for literal decades, and I could do a treatise on it: semantics, symbolism, cultural origins, social implications, and what it says about us as an evolving species.


I'm not going to. Or, rather, I should say that I'm not going to do it all at once.

Over the next few weeks, months, even years, I will be sending out posts on Fridays that are dedicated to "Freedom". This will be anything from reviews of products & services that make life easier & more efficient in achieving our dreams to inspired sources: books, talks, stories, and more. I won't post every week, but I should manage most weeks.

In between, there'll be plenty of time to share what freedom means to you, me, and, yes, humanity. And I'm not doing it fully on my own. That's because I want to hear from you. I want to know what you think. Share your insights. Share your inspirations. Share your dreams and what achieving freedom in your life looks like....and what it means to you. I hope you'll join me.

Feel free (oy) to get the conversation started in the comments below. And have a great weekend! I hope it's inspiring.

What do you think?

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