Monthly Review: January 2018

It is a new year, and I'm beginning a new update system for all of my projects, beginning with the new year post I did at the beginning of this year. So here is January!

Life & The Biz

The big life event of January was a family emergency that resulted in a lot of my resources going elsewhere. My grandmother has been recuperating from a broken bone in the hip area, and I will be assisting my mother in her rehabilitation once she is home. Alongside fighting off the sinus infection that ushered me into the new year, I am experiencing migraines, etc. It will all mean taking a slower path with my projects. Basic business minutiae are currently on hiatus while I attend to family matters. There's been very little social media this month, due to the new job (see below). I'm prepping posts of all kinds for March, though, so, as always, stay tuned. I've begun my project book for my tiny house, and will be updating throughout the year, so I'm excited about that.


Kansas City - Interfuse Ignition: 

This event is a precursor to a regional Burn event in Missouri which I hope to attend in May. I had an excellent time, and will probably post about on one of my blogs in the near future.

Ransomed Roads

Look to see more posts on my Summer of Color in the coming months. For now, I will be sticking to periodic review, how-to, "top" posts while I prep photos and deal with life...ah, life.


Writing has definitely been the focus for this last month:

The Lost Title Cards

Two new posts:
Winter Movies: A Course in Survival - a movie-viewing list for those long, lean winter months
Groundhog Day: A Movie About Second Chances...and Third...and 432nd... - a February favorite

Changeling Ashes

I created this blog some years ago to document my autism diagnosis. It has since gone by the wayside in the wake of my many life issues...which is kind of the whole point of the blog. Recently, however, as I've read some new information about autism, I am finally able to start sharing my process again. It's one of the scariest things I have ever done, and I have started with a post on executive function and burnout, which can be seen here.

Professional Writing

I started a new job this year (well, technically, at the tail end of last year), and I'm very excited about it. I am a blog writer for a marketing company called Comnio. It encompasses some of my very best talents and needs, and I'm already loving the work.

Tricky Fish Photography

Photography will take more focus in the coming months. I am building up my library of photos, editing, processing, etc., for sales, blogs, social media, marketing, and more. Stay tuned. 

Arcadian Gypsy

It's February, and that means Valentine's. Mom and I have some pieces up already, so if you haven't stopped by, I highly recommend (of course I do) checking out the shop: The Arcadian Gypsy Boutique Look to see new products/lines once things from The Darndest Things, The Gypsy herself (yes, I'm referring to myself in the 3rd person), and others, once things calm down in my corner of the world.


Plots & Schemes for February:


More, more, and more

Tricky Fish Photography

I'm working on multiple projects at once, so look for more information on that soon.

Arcadian Gypsy

Look for more products starting in March.


I'm making preparations for Autism Acceptance Awareness Month in April.

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