2019 Yearly Review: A Year of Farewells

This year, I concentrated more on the video than on the written post. What can I say? 2019 was interesting, and as 2020 dawned, I realized things were not going to calm down anytime soon. If you haven't already seen this video up on my Patreon (you should really check out My Patreon), here is my 2019 review video, complete with timestamps and links to all my projects! Cheers!

Video Timestamps

If you just want to check out one part, you can see different sections by clicking the timestamps below:
  • 00:00 - Intro: 2019 - The End of a Decade
  • 1:50 - System Andromeda 2009-2019: The Path of a Decade (for those interested in the history of this grand venture of mine)
  • 7:39 - System Andromeda Today (whittling down my focus & moving forward )
  • 10:49 - Becoming Arcadian Nomad (why Arcadian Gypsy is no more)
  • 16:21 - Tricky Fish Photography 
  • 18:12 - Travel (Research Trip in Colorado!)
  • 20:24 - Life & Lifestyle (lifestyle freedom, farmlife, family, health, etc.)
  • 25:08 - Writing Review
  • 33:20 - 2020 & Beyond (moving forward with Acting, Writing, Tricky Fish, Ransomed Roads, Lost Title Cards, etc.)
  • 36:58 - Patreon (a little info about how this is all possible)

If you saw some things you were interested in knowing more about, I've posted links of all my projects below. Enjoy!

Main Sites


Tricky Fish Photography


Ransomed Roads 

Ransomed Roads - Travel & Lifestyle blog

The Lost Title Cards

The Lost Title Cards - movie blog

Changeling: The Ongoing Journey of an Aspie

Changeling - blog about Autism

Arcadian Nomad

Etsy Shop for Arcadian Nomad
Instagram: Arcadian Nomad
Facebook: Arcadian Nomad

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