Inspiration Quote Tuesday: In the direction of those dreams...


So, you may have noticed some quotes popping up on here, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I've been testing the waters, so-to-speak, and decided to create a sort of program...

...okay, it's really just quotes.

See, I'm a quote person. The ones that really speak to me have kept me going through those "hit-the-wall" moments we all get. They are the ones that keep me inspired, passionate...and, well, get me off the couch. Which is hard when you like Netflix...and chips.

So, I'm sharing quotes, that is. Each week, I'll post a quote for helping keep ourselves inspired and on track. You'll see a bit of a pattern emerge as we go along (mostly along the lines of "yay, goals and dreams!"). I'll even throw some of my own thoughts in along with it, and open things up to discussion here and other social media. Simple, yes?

Oh, and here's the fun part: you can join in. Yep. I want to hear from you...because hearing other people's dreams, how people choose to express themselves and fulfill their destiny, also keeps me going. So, comment below each post to share your reactions, dreams & goals, and some of your favorite quotes. I'll bet we share some of the same!

Without further ado then, I present Mr. Henry David Thoreau, one of my earliest inspirations:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined"
~Henry David Thoreau
No, seriously. Live it.

Share your comments below!

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