><(((*> BM07: Tasseograph Trash Tea Temple

Tasseograph Trash Tea Temple

I took this photo my first year at Burning Man.  I had gotten my camera the year before, and was getting kind of good at this whole picture-taking thing.  As I was headed out to one of the more extreme places you can take a camera, I had learned how to keep her safe from the playa, and my photographer's eye was eager for the eye candy rumored to abound.  I was not disappointed.

It should be noted that there were two absolutely gorgeous temples that year, and I loved each of them for different reasons.  [By the way, if you're not familiar with Burning Man, you should definitely go here now.]  For the last couple of weeks, I've been featuring a picture of the larger temple (don't worry, it will be back).  The large temple was zen style, so peaceful you felt you could melt into the ether or some such thing.  For aesthetic purposes, however, my favorite was, by far, the TTT Temple.  It had this whole eclectic gypsy vibe and I'm a total sucker for that.  It also provided some really nice perspectives to work with and gave a nice contrast to the large temple.

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